Cocon – Prințesa Primăverii


I’m intoxicated by this love aflame

I bow at the altar of pain

I am

Creature of the wild and of the night

Of blue moons horned creatures and caravans

I create while I bleed existentially patiently

Flowers at my bed grow from the feet of Ursula

Initiated by the horned darkness of this grand nebuIa

I sleep with the centaurs

I bow at the moon

I wrap myself in the fleshes of my freshly baked cocoon.

I wheep, oh so sweetly, in my soft blue white tissue

I want to kiss your lips, boy, what’s the big issue?

Prințesa Primăverii



# 05 – 2010
Archival pigment print on acid free matte watercolour paper with a white wood frame 98 x 120 cm