Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before the Abalaksa Icon of «Our Lady of the Sign» (Siberia)


The Abalaksa Icon of „Our Lady of the Sign” (Siberia).

O most holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord, the Highest; thou who art the Protectress and Defense of all that have recourse unto thee!

Look down from thy holy height upon us sinners, who fall down before thy holy and miraculous image;

hearken unto our fervent prayer, and bring it before Jesus Christ the beloved;

entreat Him, that our darkened souls be enlightened by thy Son our Lord, with the light of His Divine Grace;

that we be delivered from every need, sorrow and malady; that a quiet and peaceful life and well-being of soul and body be sent down upon us from on high; that peace may come to our suffering hearts and and healing to their wounds;

that we may be directed unto good works, our minds cleansed of vain thoughts, and we be taught to fulfill His commandments;

and that He deliver us from eternal torment and not deprive us of His Heavenly Kingdom.

O Most Holy Theotokos!

Hearken thou, the Joy of All That Sorrow, unto us who grieve;

Soothe thou, who art called the Consolation of Mourners, our sadness as well;

Thou who art the Burning Bush, preserve the world and all of us from the flaming arrows of the enemy;

Thou, the Seeker of the Lost, allow not that we perish in the abyss of our sins, for we place all our hope and expectation on thee, in God.

Be thou unto us a Protectress in this temporal life, and an Intercessor unto life eternal before thy beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Teach us to serve Him with faith and love, and to honour thee, Most Holy Mother of God, with devotion unto the end of our days. Amen.

Provided by Fr John Shaw,


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